As a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario I am educated in working with many forms of emotional struggles. Here are some of the challenges where I have enjoyed seeing folks move forward enjoying a sense of freedom to feel more like themselves.  


Depression can occur at anytime and affect anybody. People often describe depression as a cloud that comes over them and is difficult to remove. If you have poor energy and find it hard to concentrate you may be suffering from depression. Others feel irritable for no apparent reason or find that they have poor sleep patterns or don't eat well. The symptoms vary. 

Relationships are what give us the feeling of whether we belong in the world how we may be valued by others and how we feel about ourselves. When our relationships feel as if they have skidded off the rails it can feel as if our life is over, or that we are somehow not worthy of having support and love. Through psychotherapy you can realize your true self worth and how to be wit those who support you in that endeavour.

Phobias are repeatedly stopping yourself from doing various activities. They may be resolved through deeper exploration on how you developed this coping mechanism.  It usually feels like it is helping to get you through some feeling hurdle.  


A sense of dividedness of oneself may be that you are thinking and wanting to behave one way while your actions are confusing and different. Trauma based therapy is focused on how it has affected you during the trauma and is best resolved through a slow and gentle approach.

I may suggest a variety of approaches depending on what you feel most comfortable practicingExamples of difficulties that I have helped people reduce:

Stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, employment issues, obsessive thoughts, health concerns, PTSD, poor self esteem  grief, life transitions, loss, relationship issues, phobias. 

Some modalities that I might suggest are: Ego state therapy,  body entered approach to feelings, expressing yourself through art or writing. As you begin to understand yourself more clearly narrative therapy can help you put the pieces together your way.