Consultations: What to Expect

A consultation is basically an information gathering session.  We can meet through or telephone. That can be decided when you initially make contact with me. 


I will send you some information sheets beforehand so that you have a chance to organize your thoughts around your feelings around privacy and confidentiality.. I will then discuss this important topic of  limits and protections of confidentiality in your sessions. 


My focus is to hear about your concerns such as; what brings you to seek help at this time; what helps you feel comfortable so that you can talk about your struggles; and what seems important for you to tell me right away.


Practicalities are reviewed such as whether I have a free time slot that suites your availability fees and duration of the sessions.


We both will have a chance to see how we feel together, and ask questions that are relevant to your therapy. You may choose to think about starting therapy at your consultation or think about it and contact me later.  Of course that is up to you.


I look forward to meeting you.