You may have mixed feelings on your key decision to seek assistance with a registered psychotherapist such as myself. Seeking answers to your questions and difficulties or wonderings on how to know yourself better is what I am trained to help you with. I feel honoured to partake in your struggles with you


Seeking a psychotherapist shows your strength when you most need it. When the pattern of past burdens are recognized you may feel that difficulty has felt like a haunting stopping you from being fully yourself. Throughout this process we discuss your options on how you wish to proceed. I amy have some questions to make sure that I fully understand you. 

There may be a specific event that has caused you distress such as the death of a loved one, loosing your job, or being given a difficult medical diagnosis.


You may have experienced severe trauma either in early childhood or as an adult. At other times it may feel  like you are somehow different from others but you aren't sure why. Almost as if you are watching the world go by but aren't a part of it.

Initially you may to feel comfortable speaking about everything that concerns you. My duty is to provide you with a confidential, non-judgmental and empathic environment where trust can be built and exploration initiated. It is normal for that to take time to gain the trust you hope to achieve.

Psychotherapy focuses on gaining insight into the underlying causes of emotional problems. It encourages you to explore beyond the logically obvious reasons for your difficulties.


Inevitably this will involve thinking about your childhood and past relationships. This helps you to consider any unresolved issues and feelings that may play a part in the difficulties you are experiencing. 

As a Relational Psychotherapist my focus is to reduce your painful feelings and assist you in reaching your goals. You can then develop a stronger relationship to yourself and the world around you.

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