For over 15 years my practice has been a wonderful time of discovery and joy for those I work with.  It has brought new challenges and surprises and there has been much laughter at insights that help relieve past burdens.


My approach is interactive, calm, and quizzical. Every person is unique, and in therapy, as elsewhere, one size does not fit all. I attempt to select the most appropriate and self-empowering approach for your goals.


Having experience as a massage therapist and Yoga instructress I deepened my understanding of the body mind intuitive connection, which may be helpful in your therapy.

Some experiences that could be explored in your therapy are: understanding your body’s feelings and how they may relate to your emotional expression when feeling unfocused so that you can feel that you can ponder how it got to be so problematic.

Creativity has been a thread throughout my life. Originally I performed internationally as a ballet dancer. I continued enjoying many art forms such as painting and pottery. This experience helped me to encourage attention to the intuitive self to uncover and honor that which was previously unknown.

Professional organizations:

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario CRPO

The Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. Clinical Member Served on various committees OSP.

International Society for Studies in Trauma and Dissociation. Served on committees ISSTD.

Founding member of the RAMCOA Special Interest Group.

Professional development:

The Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy

Advanced courses on Dissociation ISSTD

The Assaulted Women and Children’s Advocacy and Counseling Program (Hons)

Special Interests:

Various Media articles and talks for educational programs:

Consultant for the opening of Casey House.

Carmelita Lawler Team for Palliative Care for Cancer patients

Child abuse centre

Rexdale Women’s Centre for Domestic Violence

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